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Category: Vancouver Urban Cycling

VGH Bike Lanes

New bike lanes or protected cycle tracks were created at the Vancouver General Hospital area. These bike lanes will reduce conflicts between cars, pedestrians, and bikes. By building safer cycling infrastructures, this will attract people to cycle more, and keeps everyone safe and all ages of the community can enjoy cycling. The bike lanes are…
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Using smartwatch technology to track heartrate

During cycling, it is a good idea to track the route taken, and monitor specific body vital signs such as the heartrate, to ensure the heart is working at the correct heart rate zone. A smartwatch is worn during all types of exercises to log the route, elevations, speed and heartrate. The data can be…
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Cycling over the Burrard Bridge, Downtown and Arbutus Greenway

The route takes us through Kerrisdale onto the Arbutus Greenway, then onto Cypress St which is very bike friendly route to directly connect to the Burrard Bridge, then down over the north side seawall of False Creek, around Science World then back up on Ontario St Bikeway. Cycling in this manner took about 1hr15 mins…
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4K 360 Video Virtual Tour of Arbutus Greenway in Kerrisdale

An opportunity is given to demonstrate the 4K 360 camera mounted on a custom made quick release monopod, attached to the bicycle’s basket, to record 360 degrees video environment of part of the Arbutus Greenway in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC.  When wearing the VR headset or using a mouse or manual viewing, this gives viewers a…
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Cycling to Downtown Vancouver using protected bike lanes

I drove the car with bicycle rack installed down to the area under Cambie St bridge and park.  The route starts from under the Cambie St Bridge, and around the False Creek Seawall, then up along the side streets towards Burrard Bridge.  Then over the Burrard Bridge onto Hornby protected bike lanes, to Seymour Street…
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Cycling on Ontario St Bikeway and Exercise Video for Indoor Exercise Bike Equipment

Cycling along Ontario St, I pass by many points of interests, including Queen Elizabeth Park, Riley Park community gardens,  Nat Bailey Stadium, and Hill Crest Community Centre.     The video shows the 5X speed from 41st Ave on Ontario Street to Broadway St and reverse. With the camera and stabilizers, it is possible to…
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Cycling around Science World seaside in Vancouver

The route originates from Ontario Street bikeway, leading down to the seaside at False Creek.  False Creek has a seawall that has pedestrian and bicycle pathways that leads all the way to Jerrico Beach, Granville Island and Stanley Park. The journey takes around the Science World, then to Carrel Street and through a special route…
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Bicycle Ride Safety

When riding bicycle, safety is always at the top of the mind.  I have a large convex mirror to see behind cars, and I wear a reflective safety vest (types that are worn by construction workers).  One camera is mounted in the front to record the journey and safety, and the other one mounted at…
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Cycling to Richmond using Canada Line Bridge

Cycling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without the claustrophobic feeling of inside a car, and that is a way to take in fresh air and explore the world and get good exercise at the same time. It is possible to cycle from Vancouver to Richmond using dedicated bicycle lanes and residential routes.…
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