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Construction & Renovation Photos

We provide photography and videography services in taking photos and video of the progress of the construction and renovation of property developments. Commercial developers may want a form of timelapse photos or video of the progress made, or may want photos taken over time of the progress of building a new development. Developers may also want a before and after photos of how the renovation looks like after it is finished. This maybe similar to commercial real estate photography.

Timelapse Video: A video format showing a few seconds each time at the same camera position and angle the timelapse progress of the development construction

Still Photos: Each visit to take many different types of still photos over a period of time to show the progress of the construction.

Before and After: To show what it is like before the renovation, and how it looks like after the renovation is made.

Detailed shots: Close up photos of specific details maybe taken to illustrate the important elements or what goes behind the scenes during the progress of construction. Closeup photos of elements can also relate to industrial photography.

Other integrated media: We can also do video tours and videography of some construction in action, or a video tour of after construction is done. As well, we can provide 360 Virtual Tours too.

We have our own PPE and safety equipment – hard hat, yellow vest and steel toe shoes, to go into construction sites to do photo and video work.

GIF Animation and Timelapsed Videos:

GIF Animation of panels closing in action. This can also be exported as a MP4 Video as well.