Taking Real Estate Photos Yourself vs. Professional Photos

Professionally taken Real Estate Photography
This picture is taken using professional photography techniques. It shows all colour and details vividly, and has good mid tones and contrasts throughout the scene. Also a very wide angle lens is used on this scene.
Point and Shoot Real Estate Photography
This photo is taken with a Point and Shoot camera. Note the flash is being used, giving a harsh lighting and shadows onto the scene, and that the dark and bright details do not show up properly. The lighting scene is also flat as well.

When people search for properties in the MLS,  the first thing they look at is how the house look like – both interior and exterior.  Photos that don’t turn out pretty will give buyers a false impression that the property does not look beautiful and unpleasant feeling, and will simply cause buyers to look for another property on the MLS.

Conversely, photos that are professionally done will give buyers the impression that the property looks more pleasant to live in, and entices the buyer to come visit the property in person.  Professionally done still photos shots would include having a bright and detailed contrast photos everywhere – including the windows.  In addition, a dedicated wide angle lens is used to dramatically show the tight interior spaces, so that people can view everything in a tight space.

A normal point and shoot with flash will not achieve professional results because the flash makes the room lit in a flat fashion, and makes the room look uneven details in brightness and shadows will occur.

In addition, professional real estate photographers such as us, who take professional photos, may include additional marketing selling features such as 360 Virtual Tours and Video Tour with music to give buyers a sense of being at that property, without leaving  the comfort of their own home.

A professional photographer can create an image that will use the scene to guide the viewer’s eye to certain points, accentuating the best features of the home through the use of angles, contrast, and colour.

While professional real estate photos and video tours/virtual tours may cost slightly more than taking photos yourselves, it may worth the investment for easier marketing and perhaps selling the property faster.

Point and Shoot Real Estate Photography
Point and Shoot Real Estate Photography

Professionally taken Real Estate Photography
Professionally taken Real Estate Photography
  • Harsh shadows and Flat lighting
  • Colour is not vivid
  • Wide angle lens is not used, thereby not showing the entire scene
  • Dark areas shows dark; bright areas show bright, giving an uneven contrast in the scene
  • Smooth and natural shadows
  • Colour is vivid
  • Wide angle lens is used, showing the entire scene
  • Dark areas show  brighter; bright areas show lighter, giving a more even, balanced contrast throughout the scene

In summary, it’s worth the cost to invest in a professional photographer with professional equipment to take care of the Real Estate photography needs.

Consider our professional Real Estate Photography, with 360 Virtual Tour and HD Video Tour.