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Mobile Professional Portrait Photography

Located In Vancouver, BC, we do casual and mobile professional portrait photography for people in all functions and events on Portable background screen and at outdoor settings.  Mini photo sessions includes portraits for use in websites, holiday cards, family photos, single photos, special occasion photos, Christmas and Holiday cards, thank you cards and business cards.  In addition we also do school portrait sessions, business headshot photos, and Fashion and Model Photography for magazine and advertising use.

About General Portrait

Professional Portrait Photography 

Our portrait photography is designed to be mobile and on-location photo shoot – we travel to the customer’s office or home for the photo shoot for their convenience and benefits, and we cover the entire Vancouver Lower Mainland. 

  • We are equipped with a portable screen backdrop support system and portable professional lighting equipment to do portrait photography anywhere in the Lower Mainland Vancouver BC Area.
  • We do portraits for business cards, and design of the business cards with 250 pieces of cards is included in the package.
  • The backdrop is used to change the background to any colour or texture the customer wants.
  • Our portrait photography is mainly geared towards small groups and businesses and individuals for a variety of purposes, including professional portraits, casual portraits, single or group family portraits, corporate headshots, realtor headshots, etc.
  • Clients can request or bring in any props they want as part of the photo shoot.
  • With our portable backdrop background system, clients can request to select any type of different background pattern or different background color that is to be placed on digitally. We have a wide selection of digital different backdrop patterns that clients can choose (i.e.: marple shaped pattern and colored background, etc).
  • Our service is fully portable and equipped with professional studio lighting and tripod. We can take portrait photos anywhere the client requests, or if they wish, they can come to our studio for the photo shoot.  Wireless flash triggers with umbrella diffusers are used to give the most uniform, elegant and bright lighting available.

We also have make up services to refer to our clients doing portrait photography as well. Please contact us to inquire about it.






Types of Portraits

Types of Different Portraits

  • Family photo mini-photo session – includes one large 8×10 or any physical portrait photo size on paper
  • Single photo mini- photo session – includes one large 8×10 or any physical portrait photo size on paper
  • Business Cards – we take portrait photos and use it with the design of business cards
  • Holiday Cards, Birthday Cards, Special Occasion or Thank You Cards (ie: Christmas cards) – portrait photos of families or singles are taken, and then isolated and used to design Holiday Cards
  • Graduation Photos mini-photo session – For graduates who wanted formal or casual photos by themselves or with friends, then background change and includes one large 8×10 or any physical portrait photo size on paper
  • Special occasion mini-photo session – includes one large 8×10 or any physical portrait photo size on paper
  • Portraits on Souvenirs such as on cups, pens, keychains, etc

All of the above includes high resolution digital image for their own use.

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In addition, we can provide pre-graduation photos for university students dressed in the gown and use green screen to change to backgrounds they prefer, such as the university campus.  This option is ideal when the weather is poor and customers want the comfort and convenience of indoor photography.



Casual and Engagement Candid Photos

Engagement Photos

When couples are getting ready for their future together, they want memories of their livestyle leading up to the wedding day. We are ready to assist couples in taking photos and videos of their engagement times together for their memories.

We also do family and individual member portraits.  These and engagement photos can be taken in outdoor setting, weather permitting.  Ideally, it would be taken with a vegetation background.

We provide our customers with digital copies of photos, as well, if requested, a complimentary hard copy 8×10 photo and 4×6 photos of each photo.

We charge by quarter day (an hour or so), half day or full day sessions. The couples and ourselves can choose which place they wanted for their photo shoots. We typically suggest areas with modern architectural buildings as the live background or regional parks or areas with flowers and sceneries such as Queen Elizebeth Park or Terra Nova Regional Park as examples.

We also do individual or couples casual portrait poses – for example, photos of memories of relationship datings or casual friendship photos.

Both casual and engagement portraits can also be done using a green screen background, in the event of poor weather conditions or if the individuals wanted more creativity in the photo shoots (i.e: holding hands posing looking into the Grand Canyon in Las Vegas when it’s actually a green screen background).

Each session includes about 150 shots per half day sessions or 300 shots for full day sessions, all photo post processed and retouched and all given to the couples in a nice professional style DVD case.

To book a session with us and to inquire about the pricing, please contact us directly.