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Category: Electric Vehicle Blog

Myths about Range Anxiety for Electric Vehicles

With proper planning, the experience in driving an electric car is actually more convenient than driving a gasoline car. As a photographer, I have to drive around to take photos and videos for my customers. I can say that I have zero problems with regards to any range anxiety. The following explains my experience. In…
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How to use Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

To have an environmentally friendly and sustainable transportation growing, you need to have charging infrastructure in place at many areas, especially at home.  It is ideal to have Level 2 and/or Level 3 DC Charging stations at points of interests where people can dine or shop while charging is in progress, such as restaurants, shopping…
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Nissan Leaf 2018 – Electric Car BEV

As gas prices continue to go up, people try to find alternative ways of greener transportation.  One of the green transportation is Electric Cars.   The Nissan Leaf 2018 is an BEV all electric car that has a range of about 250km Reality Range with climate control on.  This car is currently the most affordable at…
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