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Food Photography

About Food Photography

We assist local chefs, bars, catering companies and restaurants in Vancouver to take photos of their food dishes for use in their restaurant menus, brochures, marketing flyers, advertising use and television commercial ads and as well as for use in their websites.  

Take out e-commerce style websites or order online type websites can benefit from our food photography services. We do web design for online take out orders as well. In addition, we take photos of food and photo edit them to incorporate them into graphic design of restaurant menus.

Restaurant environments can sometimes have insufficient lighting, so we have the capabilities to bring in our own portable flash lighting to ensure the food is nicely lit.  As a result, chefs can concentrate on preparing the presentation and style of the meals ready to be photographed.

The dishes can be photographed as-is against a nicely decorated table with props, or photo edited against pure white background just like product photography.

Our photo editing into pure white or transparent background allows the flexible usage of the photos into other marketing mediums.  Our style of photography is designed to make the photos pop out.