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How to lock a bike properly

How to lock a bike properly

Vancouver has a great network of safe cycling infrastructure. From protected bike lanes to neighbourhood bikeways in the residential areas with safe dedicated crossing signals, the city offers a great alternative way to get around the city, especially for close destinations, all while getting exercise and reducing the environmental footprint.

However, as with any big cities, bike theft is rampant and is a problem. Never leave a bike unlocked and unattended, not even for 30 secs. It is guaranteed that the bike will be gone when you come back.

  1. U-Lock – Use a strong, well reputable U-Lock. Lock both the bike frame and the wheel together with a sturdy fixed object such as a bike rack. By locking both the bike frame and the wheel, you are immobilizing the bike, rendering it not possible to easily wheel and ride it away.
  2. Cable – Use a airplane grade cable to tie both the back wheel and bike frame and attach it to the U-Lock. This also immobilizes the bike further, giving the thief less incentive to steal.
  3. Bolt down – Use a fixed nut instead of quick release wheel locks, to lock down the front, back wheel and the seat post down. Theives can easily detach the wheels and steal the bike away if a quick release lock is used. For example, if you only use a U-Lock to lock just the front wheel, the thief can actually undo the quick release on the front wheel, and steal the remaining bike away and simply replace the front wheel. If you only lock the bike frame, then the thief can remove both wheels and you won’t be able to ride home.

A cable lock is NOT a substitute for a U-Lock, but rather is a compliment to a U-Lock. Cable locks can easily be cut. Cable locks are not to be used as primary locks.

In addition, users should invest in a hidden GPS or Apple AirTag or Samsung SmartTag and hide it in the bike, so in case it is really stolen, it can be easily traced and tracked.

Users should also registrar for the Project 529 and put a sticker on the bike frame. In case the bike is stolen, the chances of recovery to the rightful owner can be done quickly.