360 Virtual Tour / Virtual Realty

We provide Virtual Realty as 360 Virtual Tour services in the Vancouver BC area for Real Estate and Commercial Properties, Tourism, and for Marketing, providing home viewers a virtual experience without actually physically being there.  The tours also covers 360 degree views of car interiors, houses, offices, museums, hotels, car interiors and travel destinations as well as informational hotspots for the tours.  We also provide service in walk through 360 tours that is similar to Google Street View.  Our 360 Virtual Tours are compatible with Google Cardboard VR Headset technology and 360 Videos for YouTube.


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About 360 Virtual Tour

About Virtual Tour

We provide 360 Virtual Tour services in the Vancouver BC area for Real Estate and Commercial Properties, Tourism, Educational uses, and for Marketing – used to providing visitors a sense of how it is like being at a location, without actually being there.

The tours are also known as Virtual Realty, giving anyone – a buyer or curious out of town tourists, a virtual walk-through of the destination or property in 360 degrees interactive environment, all in the comfort of their own home.  They can do advanced researches on how the destinations look like before they plan their travel, as an example.

We can integrate hotspots, video, information textboxes with photos and texts into the Virtual Tour. Each particular area in the 360 environment can have hotspots, which are clickable dots that when clicked on, shows a pop up information describing what that particular area is. The hotspots can have a close up detailed photo and text as popup information.

The 360 tours can be published on HTML5 format, allowing them to be seen across all tablets, mobile devices and computers.

In addition, there are different types of tours we offer.  One is the traditional area by area 360 tour (ie: by Kitchen, Living Room, Master, etc).  The other is the complete walk-through 360 tour, which is similar to Google’s Street View Virtual Tour by following the arrow pathways throughout the property, making the experience more immersive.  The walk-through has many different rotational points.  The walk-through can have hotspots info boxes, video, narration, and audio integration with it as well.

The Virtual Tours can be programmed and customized to include music, popup infobox hotspots, narrative voiceovers, etc so that it can be designed as an educational tool or to tell a story about the situation.

range-roverWe also do Virtual Tours for inside of the car’s interior as well.

Some realtors designate the concept of Virtual Tour as Video Tours.  Please visit this page for more details on Virtual Tours using Video Tours.


Educational and Distance Education Learning

Educational institutions and distance learning programs or online school may find 360 Virtual Reality useful in teaching students world concepts and life skills, by simulating an environment where they cannot physically be there themselves.  Students can also listen in to narration while viewing the 360 tour and can learn more about specific topics by clicking on info box hotspots.  Hotspots themselves can have video or photo and description with voiceover in it, detailing more about that particular concept.


Google Cardboard VR Headset Technology

Google Cardboard VR Our 360 Virtual Tour and Walk-Through 360 Virtual Tours can be displayed on VR Headset devices that utilizes Google Cardboard technology.  Users simply need a compatible mobile device, a Google Cardboard setup or purchase a separate VR Headset.


Works across all devices

  • HTML5 – This method is the next generation internet programming for displaying webpages, and is supported on Computer Desktop browsers (IE 9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc), Mobile Devices / Tablets (iOS Apple, Android 4.0+ Firefox, Chrome only).
  • The published tour is given to the customer for use on their own websites.
  • The tours can also be published as DVD’s or as a high resolution stand-alone file player exported as a EXE executable file to be played on Microsoft Windows operating system platforms.
  • As Flash SWF File – Although tours can be published in this traditional way, it will only be done upon customer’s specific requests.

Large coverage of service

We provide our service anywhere in the Lower Mainland in the Vancouver, BC area.  


Includes on location shooting, equipment, and camera setup, fuel surcharge, photo retouching




360 Virtual Tours can now be exported to be viewed in Youtube mode as 360 Interactive Videos.  For the player below, you may use your mouse or finger to drag the image around while the video is playing, just like conventional 360 Still Photos Virtual Tours.

For Mobile Devices – Please access YouTube directly from the mobile app to view the 360 Interactive.

Please click on the thumbnails to view the Virtual Tours.  In addition, please review information on 360 Virtual Tours for Real Estate and Interior Design Applications.


360 Tour Examples in HTML5:


360 Tour of Crescent Beach Walkway

View Crescent Beach in Full Screen

Greek Arbutus WP

360 Tour of Greek Community Centre

View Greek Arbutus Centre in Full Screen


360 Tour of Beecher Place at South Surrey BC

View Beecher Place in Full Screen

Burnaby Firefighter Public House
Burnaby Firefighter Public House

View Burnaby Public House in Full Screen

360 Virtual Tour of Scottish Centre
360 Virtual Tour of Scottish Centre

View Scottish Centre in Full Screen

360 Virtual Tour of Roma Hall with hotspots (HTML5/Flash)
360 Virtual Tour of Roma Hall with hotspots (HTML5)

View Roma Hall in Full Screen

360 Virtual Tour of Serbian Centre with hotspots (HTML5/Flash)
360 Virtual Tour of Serbian Centre with hotspots (HTML5)

View Serbian Centre in Full Screen

High Resolution, Full Width HTML5 UBC Classroom
High Resolution, Full Width HTML5 UBC Classroom

View UBC Classroom in Full Screen


View car interior in Full Screen

High Resolution, Full Width HTML5 Apartment Suite
High Resolution, Full Width HTML5 Apartment Suite

View Living Room in Full Screen






Walk-through Tour

Complete Walk-through 360 Virtual Tour

Our 360 Virtual Tour comes in 2 different forms.  One form is standard Virtual Tour, having a few rotations representing main locations of the house such as only master bedroom, living room, kitchen, and dining room.  The other form is a walk-through enhanced 360 Virtual Tour, whereby many rotations are photographed at many points along the pathways of the property, and viewers can click on directional arrows to follow along the path to view the property. The walk-through tour is similar to Google Street View maps feature.  Applicable use of this walk through tour can be used in Tourist attractions such as aquariums and museums, and informational popup hotspots can be integrated into the tour to showcase specific information.


We offer this walk-through virtual tour for the Real Estate industry as well.


360 Hotspots Infobox

360 Tours with Hotspots and Infobox Details

The virtual tours can be customized to display a walk through type tour, joining several panaromas together using hotspots controls, and also having users bring up an infobox at several points of interests showing closeup photo of the detailed point along with descriptions.  An example is a walk through tour of a bus, where users can also zoom in or click on the points of interests to display an infobox that outline details of the overhead control panel above the driver seat, along with the description.

360 Virtual Tours with hotspots are very useful for training and educational purposes.  Users can click on details within the tour, bringing up close up details, descriptions and photo of that particular area.  Voiceovers and music can also be integrated within the tour itself to bring a more virtual reality experience.  Online schools and Distance Learning programs may benefit from this by exposing students into a more immersive lifelike environment with interaction capabilities.

360 Virtual Tour – Use mouse or finger to move image all around.  Click on the “i” logos to reveal information detailed hotspots.  




Narrated Hotspots

An enhancement to our 360 Virtual Tour is having a narrated voiceover for each particular hotspots while the user interacts with the 360 Virtual Tour environment. This is also known as a virtual tour guide, where the user looks around the environment while listening to the tour guide describing the environments. The tour pages can also have repeated looping instrument music to give the tours a more enjoyable experience.

These narrated hot spot virtual tours are ideal for educating the public, as well as for tourism and education sectors.

Each particular area in the 360 environment can have hotspots, which are clickable dots that when clicked on, shows a pop up information describing what that particular area is. The hotspots can have a close up detailed photo and text as popup information.

This feature works very well for Real Estate 360 Virtual Tour environments as well.


1.  Canada Place 360 Narrated Virtual Tour in HTML5 – featuring music background, clickable hotspots that has voice narration describing the point of interest.


Canada Place 360 Narrated Virtual Tour with Hotspots in HTML5
Canada Place 360 Narrated Virtual Tour with Hotspots in HTML5



Google Cardboard VR

Google Cardboard Virtual Realty


Leveraging the powers of Google Cardboard VR Headsets, any users with a compatible mobile device and Google Cardboard or a dedicated VR Headset can view our 360 Virtual Tours in a immersive interactive manner, making the experience even more touching and realistic.  Whether it is walking through a real estate property or through a museum point of interest for a tourism industry, customers will be satisfied with the true virtual reality experience without leaving their homes.


For mobile devices or VR Headsets – Please tap on the button above to access an example of 360 Virtual Tour using Google Cardboard VR Technology.