Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Audio and Video Transcription Services

Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, we offer audio and video transcription services for all kinds of industries – from legal to medical to education transcription.  We have a team of staff members ready to transcribe audio and video spoken media into written words.  We dedicate ourselves to transcribe in a high quality manner within a reasonable time frame.

Who do we serve:

We serve the following areas of industries for our Transcription services:

  • Educational institutions and Researchers: Helping students and instructors transcribe lectures and speaker presentations into written notes.
  • Legal: Assisting lawyers in transcribing court and legal audio matters into written notes.
  • Seminars, Teleconferencing, General lecture and speaker presentation:  Transcribing lecturer’s words into written notes.
  • Video Transcription: We transcribe speaker’s words in the video into written notes and can also in return be embedded back into the video as subtitles.  In addition, it can also be exported as SRT format subtitles.

In the near future, we will have a staff to do medical transcription for doctors, specialists and for the medical industry.


  • We sign agreements with our customers to agree to a level of confidentiality of the transcribing process.
  • The audio file and video file is secured and backup on our local servers, protected by firewall systems.

How it works:

  • The customer can email us the audio or video, or we meet the customer in person to exchange the media.  We accept DVD’s and USB media.
  • We transcribe the audio into written MS Word Doc file, and/or embed the work as subtitles back into the DVD or Video, if applicable.
  • The work is emailed or returned to the customer as DVD or USB drive in person, in exchange for the payment.


  • Please contact us directly for the pricing schedule, as different levels of organizations and types of work have different needs (ie: does the transcribed audio needs to be embedded as subtitles into the video?)


Please view the video below that demonstrates audio and video transcription in progress, where transcribed words are embedded back into the audio.