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Real Estate Brochures and Feature Sheets

We do graphic design to make physical Real Estate Brochures and Feature Sheets for realtors to showcase the properties they are selling in paper form. The feature sheets contain the MLS Number, Description of the properties, Sample photos of the house, and a link to our hosted multimedia webpage. We can also incorporate a 2D QR Barcode onto the brochure so that customers with a smartphone can scan the code and directly link them to the multimedia website.  Every feature sheets can be custom made tailored to each realtor, such as having their own branding and own portraits on the cover.  Our printing and design of feature sheets compliment our Real Estate Photography services.

We dedicate our time to create specific layouts for different realtor’s needs.  Our feature sheets comes in regular letter size double sided colour or 4 page booklet bi-folded tabloid brochure.  We provide realtors with printing capabilities as well using state of the art printing in-house printing equipment.

A paper form brochure feature sheets is an excellent way to give potential buyers “a take-home” item from the property.

We are equipped with our own commercial grade printing equipment to print thin and thick 4 page booklet brochures, and can design and print on-demand and fast, without the delay from the conventional print shops.  

Our services are one-stop and beneficial by helping realtors take photos, and then taking these photos to assemble the brochures and then print them, score, cut the bleeds and fold them and ready to give to realtor at no delays.

Our in-house printing equipment:

We print on professional grade printer equipment, then pass through an automated creaser.  Then the brochures are folded accurately and neatly, which is then trimmed using a professional stock paper cutter.  The result rivals print shops quality.









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