Fashion and Model Photography

Located in Vancouver, BC, we provide services in fashion and model photography for magazine use, any advertising mediums and website use selling clothings online.  Showing clothings as product photography can be use on e-commerce websites that sell clothings online.  Photos of models are taken on a white background, using soft diffused lighting, and photo edited to give a pure or transparent background, giving flexibility in use of any advertising channels.  Photos are published in 300 DPI or higher for high quality printing.  Model photography can therefore be part of product photography.

In addition, lifestyle shots using models can be done at a scenic or a location with a beautiful background that can be blurred out to focus the viewer’s concentration on the subject.

Fashion photography is the same as general portrait photography.  The portrait photography have models posing in different angles against a white background, and then edited into pure white background just like product photography, to draw viewer’s attention to the model and its clothing itself.   This procedure is similar to product photography, editing on its pure white background as well.  Given such, this is well suitable for magazine and lifestyle websites, or for graphic design fashion magazine layouts as well.