Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Photo and Document Digital Archival Scanning Service

Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada,  we provide volume scanning of hard copy archived old photos and converting them into digital form and using them to create a video slideshow for multi-purpose use such as memorials, weddings, and birthday celebrations.  In addition, we provide service in volume document scanning of any form that is saved into digital form PDF format for digital archival use.

For each batch of photo scanned, the customer can either sort the order for us, or we sort the order for them for an extra charge.   Each photo scanned will have basic photo editing such as cropping to the correct size.  We are able to scan hundreds of photos per job.  The resolution of scanning is at 600dpi high resolution. We charge by per photo basis unit pricing.  Please contact us for more details.

For volume scanning of documents, they are saved in 200dpi in PDF format.  Scanning of documents can be duplex, meaning both sides of the documents are saved in one PDF format.  The service is ideal for converting old historical documents and paper records into digital archival PDF format.

Our photo scanning service is ideal for those who want to preserve memories for long term use, and who want to convert and assemble them into a video slideshow for birthday celebrations, wedding ceremonies and memorial services.

Please contact us for more details into how we can help you with your digital archival needs.


Scanning of documents and photos into digital format for archival purposes

Scanning of documents and photos into digital format for archival purposes