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Video Production, Video Editing and Videography

Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, we do video production, video editing and videography for music videos, band videos and promotions for singers and musicians, short lectures, short speeches, simulated lecture videos, commercials, marketing videos, interviews, corporate videos, profile videos, web video, marketing videos  documentaries, presentations, product instructions, introductions and tutorials.  A teleprompter is also available for use.  In addition, we also specialize in videos using green screen technology, along with video editing and create wedding slideshows. All of these includes video editing in our video post productions.

About Us: You may learn more about our company’s fundamental core values here . 

About Video Production

Video production services in Vancouver, BC

  • We offer videography and video production services for short film video clips. Examples include short introductory videos of their own businesses, video tour of commercial properties, short video of product description or short introduction or tutorial of how to use a product. We create videos for interviews and documentaries as well.
  • We do on-location video shoots, as well as in-studio video shoots using Green Screen background.
  • Namely, we provide video production services in:
    • Interviews
    • Short lectures
    • Corporate
    • Documentary
    • Marketing and Promotional
    • Instructional and Product
    • Training
    • TV and Web Commercials
    • Web
    • Educational
    • Real Estate Video Tours Videos (not slideshow type)
    • Short speaker lectures introducing themselves and their businesses
    • Short mock lecture videos simulating presentation to the audience
    • Short Fundraising Videos
    • Music and Band Videos and Promotions for singers and musicians
  • Our green screen videography allows us to shoot high definition (HD) footage of a person speaking against a moving or different static background. We have a shotgun microphone or a lavalier tie-clip microphone for customers to use for the best audio quality.
  • Subtitles and closed captioning transcribing is available. The CC subtitles can either be exported as a .SRT file to be played alongside the video, or burnt-in into the video permanently.
For our videography presentations, we have a tie clip or shotgun style microphone to ensure quality, clear speeches in stereo from speakers speaking.

The usage of professional sound equipment and a portable recording device allows our customers to choose whichever genre or speaker’s voices they wanted on the video as voice-overs.

Our Videography and video production includes video editing, which involves clip cropping, removing unwanted segments, adding video and audio transition effects, graphic overlays, and music background with fade in and out at appropriate points.

We also assist in post production video editing only from raw videos to produce a complete end product such as a short DVD video clip.

For examples of Real Estate High Definition Video Tour, please visit the main Real Estate page or the Real Estate Video Tour Page.

We feature camera dolly movements, giving viewers a dynamic and exciting viewing experience on a smooth gliding movement.

  • Our services includes in-field videotaping, and post-production and video editing to delivery – an all-inclusive video production services.
  • All videos are optimized and well suited for social media uses, such as You Tube and HTML5 video for websites.
    • We assist our customers in the HTML5 coding in order to display video on their own website using HTML5 video format.
  • We have a teleprompter system for clients to read the script off from a screen while looking into the camera. This process allows professionalism and reduces the time for retake, and does not require memorization of scripts – thereby, reducing the overall cost of production.
  • Using Green Screen Technology, the background can be changed to a different type, while the speaker gives a short lecture or an introduction of themselves.
  • The short speaker video is normally 1-5 mins long, typically introducing themselves, conducting a short lecture, or speaking about a short topic.

Simulated Lecture Presentation

Using a nice empty meeting room, the person can provide a lecture in a simulated lecture environment and provide presentations, when there are no actual audience.  Combining photo editing within the video editing, the lecturer can be moved to one side of the video, while the right side of the video have lecture slides to make the presentation look more like and simulate a school lecture, educating the public using a better look.  A lav microphone is always used to ensure the sound quality is superior and clear.

Lav Mic

We use separate audio systems and lav mic to record the speaker’s voice clearly. As the lav mics are wireless and not using a wire system, we synchronize the audios to have the lav mic replace the ambient audio.

Visit our YouTube Channel for more examples of the Videos we make.

Examples 1

Examples of Video Production

Ideas from/for clients: We sit down with our customer to gather ideas of what they require for the video. We also generate and do our research for storytelling, scripting, in-field videotaping location planning, and post-production editing – which includes graphic design, 3D rendering (if applicable) and voiceovers.

Camera movements: A gimbal stabilizer is used to create a variety of camera movements.  This technique is applicable to any video situations, including real estate video tours.  The variety types of camera movements include panning, diagonal pannings, pannings in arc movement, pannings while tilting the camera angle, etc or a mixture of any.  Using this equipment allows us to freely move the camera in any direction in a smooth gliding motion.

Please note that the examples below are for general reference only.  We maybe able to create a customized solution based on your needs.  Contact us to see if we are able to meet your specific needs.  All of our work outcome will be similar to our examples.

General Facility Video Tours

  • Using advanced camera movements, to showcase what the environment of inside a commercial or residential facility looks like
  • Can have narrative voice overs, description and title overlays to describe what scene is about and with simple music background
  • General facility videos are similar to real estate video tours, showcasing the interior and exterior of a building.

Interview and Lecture Videos

  • A more in-depth detail version of educational videos, that may include interviews, short lectures and factual based researched information.
  • Includes in-field videotaping, personnel interviews, voiceovers, graphic design, 3D animation renderings, post-production video editing
  • Interviews to market businesses or to explain information to the public, using a Lav microphone audio for maximum quality and clarity
  • Subtitles or closed captioning transcribing is available, and can either be displayed optionally as a SRT file or burnt-in into the video permanently
  • 2 or more different camera angles can be used to film the speaker for different perspective

Click on the play list icon above to see other interview videos available. Please view more interview videos here.


Graphic Overlays

  • Use of graphic overlays to illustrate a point
  • Using animating lines and graphics to make the videos more appealing

Marketing, Commercials, Interviews, Voiceovers, Fundraising and Promotional Videos

  • For companies trying to reach out to the public about new product and service launches and to describe more about what the business offers.
  • Businesses or organizations wanting to describe what they offer to the public
  • 15 sec or 30 sec video commercials for the Web and for TV

Click on the play list icon above to see other commercial videos available. View more commercial and marketing videos here.

Educational and Documentary Videos

Short film documentary videos that explains factual information that serves as a visual learning tools for children and adults. They may include interviews with people, 3D animation renderings, and graphic design.

Click on the play list icon above to see other documentary videos available. View more documentary videos here.

Instructional and Product Demo Videos

  • These videos are similar to documentary and educational videos, but are very short films specifically guiding users step by step instructions on how to install, repair, setup or use the products. These videos can also be product in-action use, showing how the product is used in different situations, and can also incorporate voiceover, graphical descriptions, etc. Videos for products can be used to supplement product photography.
  • 360 product rotations can be delivered as a video, and can be made rotating 360, or showing different scenes in rotation such as close up, cropped, different angles.

Click on the play list icon above to see other commercial videos available. View more product videos here. We also do product photography that complements product videos.

Real Estate videos

  • Includes dolly type gliding motion camera point of views.
  • Please visit the Real Estate Photography page for more details.
  • Our SLR camera is equipped with 1080P High Definition Video capabilities, giving Real Estate customers astonishing details into homes and commercial buildings.
  • These videos may include an audio speaker describing what’s in the scene of the tour, background music, and subtitles embedded in the video.
  • Our videos can also be resized and compressed for Website use. In addition, they can also be used on Youtube.
  • Visit our Real Estate Video Tour page for some examples

Click on the play list icon above to see other real estate videos available. View more real estate videos here.

Voiceovers, Subtitling, Closed Captioning and Google Earth

  • Voiceovers can be incorporated into the videos, with closed captioning and subtitling syncing with the voiceover
  • Google Earth aerial view can be used in place of the drone, in areas where using a drone is not appropriate
  • If there are closed captioning or subtitles, it is possible to program this on Youtube to automatically display the closed captioning of the voiceover, or have the subtitles burnt into to the video to show it permanently.  

Other Green Screen Videos

  • Using Green Screen Technology, the background can be changed to a different type, while the speaker gives a short lecture or an introduction of themselves.
  • The short lecture speaker video is normally 1-5 mins long, typically introducing themselves, conducting a short lecture, or speaking about a short topic.

Please also review information from the HD Real Estate Video Tours page for more details.

Music Videos

Music Videos

We help produce music videos for small, medium and large band groups to help promote their band group to the public.  We also help individual singers and musicians do video to promote their music tunes.

The technique we use for music band videos involve using multiple camera angles and close up view of the vocalists singing while synchronizing with the live band or high quality recorded music.  We do music video for hip hop dancers or music dance videos as well, also involving the use of multiple camera angles.

It is possible to film multiple angles while the band is playing in a live settings such as a Pub restaurant.

For more detailed information on music video and audio recording of the bands, view our music video page.

Click on the play list icon above to see music videos available.


Teleprompter System

Teleprompter System
An example of a portable teleprompter in use

What is a Teleprompter?

  • Found in major production film studios and TV Stations, a teleprompter is a 70/30 mirrored 1-way glass that reflects a continuous rolling worded script from a monitor, while this glass is placed over the camera lens to allow the camera to record what it sees. The reflected words goes right over the camera lens, allowing the interviewer to read the script, while looking straight through the camera.

What are the benefits of a Teleprompter?

  • This provides professionalism and realism to the recorded videos such that the interviewer’s eyes does not shift away from the lens.
  • Ultimately, it reduces overall costs as there is no need for the interviewer to be stressed, and that there is no need to memorize the script. Therefore, it requires very few re-do’s and henceforth, a shorter time to get the work done.

What situations is this used for?

  • The teleprompter is perfect for making short speeches, interviews, short lectures of product introduction, product marketing, instructional and documentary videos, and much more, to name a few.
  • When used in conjunction with Green Screen Videos, it allows interviews and short lectures to occur with a background change. That means that video productions can be done whenever the customer is convienient to do so, regardless of inclement weather conditions.

How much impact does this feature have on overall costs?

  • Using the teleprompter to read off the script while looking into the camera, is complimentary and part of the overall costs of video productions and equipment set up time and fees. There are no extra costs for using this feature, since a Teleprompter is designed to greatly reduce shooting time and therefore reduces overall costs.
An example of a teleprompter in use for an interview



Baby and Wedding Slideshows

  • Located in Vancouver BC, we create wedding, baby, or special occasion slideshows to be shown in wedding ceremonies.
  • We focus on what the clients need, and work together to achieve expectations from the project. The slideshows are fully customized, meaning any effects added, including timing and fading of music, and positioning of photos and backgrounds are manually done. The client can choose the music they want and it can be inserted into the slideshow.
  • Our slideshows can contain any type of media and songs including digital video clips, camcorder video clips, physical hard copy photos and digital photos.
  • The wedding slideshow shown in banquets and receptions usually follow the chronological order of baby pictures to adult (grown up) pictures then to pictures of being together.
  • In addition to wedding slideshows, we can create any type of slideshows such as business presentations, baby slideshows, special occasion slideshows, etc.