Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Event and Function Photography

We are located in Vancouver, BC, and we do event and function photography of all different types. Event photography can include conventions, general and casual events, club events, speakers, banquets, weddings and receptions. We can take in-action closeup photos of people talking or performing in action, in addition to individual and group shots looking into the camera.

We are equipped with a professional flash device and DSLR camera equipment with different lenses, including wide angle, 24mm, 50mm and 70mm lenses. The longer the zoom lens, the more blurry the background can be, so more attention can be drawn to the subject more.

There maybe an unlimited variety of photos included in the quote. We provide service to the Vancouver Lower Mainland region. The total quote will depend on how long we are present on the event, the type of event and where the event is located at.

Event photography is similar to what we do for headshots, portraits and model photography.