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New Smithe and Richard’s St Bike Lanes

Downtown Vancouver recently introduced 2 new protected bike lanes. The new protected bike lane running along Richard’s St from Pacific St to Gastown and another one along Smithe St, on the north side of the road, connecting the west end of Downtown to Yaletown. Previously there was no protected lanes connecting Yaletown and downtown’s west…
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3D Beaver

Using Android Phones to Tap NFC tags and open door locks and other home automation

Android phones equipped with the NFC feature can be used to read tags to automate a task for home automation. In this case, the setup used is a Zigbee/Z-Wave Hub such as the Samsung Smartthings Hub and 3 apps – NFC Trigger, Tasker, and SharpTools. When all 3 apps are programmed together, it is possible…
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How to detect different scams

We recently encountered inquiries that poses as a scammer or photography scam.  The end results of these scams will ask the photographer to receive a full advanced payment, and then process the fraudulent payment, and give a portion to a “talent or assistant”.  In reality what ends up is the bank realizes this as a…
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Myths about Range Anxiety for Electric Vehicles

With proper planning, the experience in driving an electric car is actually more convenient than driving a gasoline car. As a photographer, I have to drive around to take photos and videos for my customers. I can say that I have zero problems with regards to any range anxiety. The following explains my experience. In…
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New Platform 5 at Commercial-Broadway Skytrain Station

The new platform 5 at Commercial Broadway Skytrain Station is open to the public. The new platform allows better passenger flow, better connections to the 99 B-Line and Millennium Skytrain line, and increases capacity to both rapid transit lines. New digital display sign is also in use, showing real time train arrival times. Below are…
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VGH Bike Lanes

New bike lanes or protected cycle tracks were created at the Vancouver General Hospital area. These bike lanes will reduce conflicts between cars, pedestrians, and bikes. By building safer cycling infrastructures, this will attract people to cycle more, and keeps everyone safe and all ages of the community can enjoy cycling. The bike lanes are…
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Red Total lunar eclipse Moon

Tonight there is a total lunar eclipse and supermoon into one event. I was able to capture during the mid-eclipse.

American Robin Bird

An American Robin Bird was found right in front of the house. These Robin Birds are likely attracted to the berries from the neighbour’s tree nearby.

Using smartwatch technology to track heartrate

During cycling, it is a good idea to track the route taken, and monitor specific body vital signs such as the heartrate, to ensure the heart is working at the correct heart rate zone. A smartwatch is worn during all types of exercises to log the route, elevations, speed and heartrate. The data can be…
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