Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Commercial Photography and Videography

Located in Vancouver, BC, we help small, medium and large businesses and organizations in doing different types of photography and videography services. We can customize a specific type of advertisement for different ways of marketing. It can be a mixture of multimedia techniques to help with the company’s advertising.

Still Photos: Businesses need nice wide angle photos to show how their place looks like to the public. For example, people would like to see how their retail stores and restaurant look like before going to visit. These commercial real estate photos would be beneficial for their own websites, brochure marketing, Google Business listing, etc.

Videos: Businesses can promote themselves using various types of video techniques, including use of voiceovers, narration, different camera movements, different graphic layouts, etc. These are also great addition to their social media platform, Google Business listings and to their websites. More information on video production can be found here.