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Corporate Business Headshots Portraits

Located in Vancouver, BC, we offer corporate business headshots portrait and ID photo card services for realtors, businesses and individuals, with different backgrounds to choose from using our white screen backdrop and photo editing techniques.

We also do family, casual, group and individual portraits as well.

Realtor/Corporate Headshots

Realtor and Corporate Business Headshots Portraits

We help businesses and real estate realtors of any size for corporate business headshots for usage of their marketing materials, for their business cards, and on their company’s websites.  Our business corporate headshots are edited for a pure white background – or it can have any other colour or custom or texture background, made possible by our photo editing techniques.


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realtor-2014-3 Ada Gavin Mary

Our portrait photography is designed to be mobile and on-location photo shoot – we travel to the customer’s office or home for the photo shoot for their convenience and benefits, and we cover the entire Vancouver Lower Mainland. 

Photos – Design – Printing:  We are able to take photos at the customer’s location, and then incorporate them into graphic designs for business cards, and even print and cut the business cards for them too.  This is an all-in-one service available.

Transparent or Pure White Background:  The person’s face can also be exported as a PNG file to allow transparent background, so that the customer can choose whichever background texture and color they wanted.  Most customers prefer to have the face extracted onto a pure white background for website and business card use.

Along with the realtor’s or business professional style poses and outfit clothing, we can change to a variety of different backgrounds to suit the professional taste.

Usage of Portable Lighting and Screen:  State of the art modern, high quality photography equipment is used to photograph portraits.  We use specialized lighting flash technique to ensure the faces are lit evenly, yet, not direct and not harsh lighting.  The lit faces have softer lighting and softer shadows for a more professional look.  Wireless flash triggers with umbrella diffusers are used to ensure excellent subject lighting is achieved.  In addition, when required, we can deploy a portable white background screen, if a blank solid color wall is unavailable.

Every customer’s needs are different, thereby having different costs.  Please visit our customer service page to contact us by email or form. There is a minimum cost per project.

Identification Cards

About Photo ID card service

We help small businesses take photo portraits of employees for use in identification badge ID cards.  A clear photo of the employees face help identify the employee as being a worker in the company.  We can also incorporate the photo taken and design and provide to the companies ID badges, so that they can allocate their time and resources elsewhere within the company, such as providing good customer service instead.

The photos taken for photo ID is taken against a pure white background for ease of looks.  Photo ID cards exists to help prevent identity fraud and unauthorized access to areas within the business.

We provide Photo ID services for small businesses, schools, corporations, schools, construction companies, offices, hospitals, healthcare sectors, senior residential centers, etc.