Using smartwatch technology to track heartrate

During cycling, it is a good idea to track the route taken, and monitor specific body vital signs such as the heartrate, to ensure the heart is working at the correct heart rate zone. A smartwatch is worn during all types of exercises to log the route, elevations, speed and heartrate. The data can be analyzed bit by bit or at specific areas to determine how the heart rate reacts to certain situation.

For example by putting the mouse over a specific time period, the corresponding location on the map at that particular time frame can show the corresponding speed, elevations and heartrate. If the location duration on the map shows climbing hill, naturally the data will show an increase of heartrate data, along with lowering speed and increasing elevations at that point.

In addition, the data of the speed can be extracted from the GoPro camera and overlaid on the video itself to show viewers the actual speed of the cycling.