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Real Estate Photography and Architectural Photos

Welcome to our Real Estate Interior Architectural Photography for Vancouver, BC Canada

We provide high quality interior architectural photos in low light interior conditions, by making them brighter and having details stand out more, through photo editing techniques.

We have been serving the businesses and community of Vancouver since 2011, helping them with excellent customer service, fast and prompt turnaround times and commitment to quality work in our projects.  To date, we have helped take photos of hundreds of properties in helping realtors achieving their marketing needs.

About Us:  You may learn more about our company and our philosophy here


Key Features of our Real Estate Photography Service:

  • Providing photo services in interior and exterior architectural photography, applicable to the construction and renovation firms, as well as to the real estate and rental market industries.
  • Extensive and mandatory photo editing is involved to ensure the photo’s contrast, detail and brightness stands out and is in-balance.
  • Photos are taken using a wide angle lens, captured in a way that shows “3D dimension-like” or shows all 3 walls to show depth.
  • We believe that in order to sell the house quick, the photos must stand out and look good.  This is where we come to the realtor’s help.
  • We are able to design and print Feature Sheets, ready for the Realtor’s open house.
  • We are committed to personalized, friendly and respectful customer services to all our realtors we serve and treat them all fairly and equally.
  • It will always be the same person taking photos, rather than sending different photographers, to ensure consistency.
  • We work together to find a good schedule for each other rather than strictly going by a busy calendar.
  • Generally our costs are lower than other small businesses doing real estate photos.
  • Photos, Video Tour and 360 Tours can together be used as Virtual Viewing instead of holding in-person open houses.

Although everyone have smartphone cameras to take photos, those are not wide angle, and they don’t do well in low light or varied interior photos.  Only the use of photo editing combined with professional equipment can deliver clear balanced photos.

About our Real Estate Photography Services:

About:  Located in Vancouver, BC, we help realtors, residential and commercial builders, interior designers, renovation firms, rental agencies in apartments and suites, construction companies, bed and breakfast operators and stage / staging consultants take top of the line quality photos, 360 Virtual Tour or Virtual Realty of Real Estate, and videos tours of interior and exterior architecture, both residential and commercial spaces.  We feature night time real estate photography to allow photo shoots to take place at sunset and at night time during winter.  Real Estate Photography is also known for Rental Properties Photography and interior design photography.

Our Difference:  We distinguish ourselves from other companies by focusing on handcrafted manual post processing, including using manual settings on photo shoot.  Diffused bounce flash, flash lighting and natural lighting techniques are combined ogether in photo editing to give a well balanced look result.  Our still photos are designed to be bright and balanced contrast to show all the details of the furnitures and ceiling droppings.  Dark wood shows brighter details, while white coloured furniture, walls and windows are controlled to disallow overexposure.  The outcome of interior photo shots is that there is less white out window effects.

Own photos vs Professional:  Taking photos yourself using your camera phone will not achieve lifelike architectural looks and will not achieve proper exposures.  The camera phones can show underexposed lighting, and is not in wide angle.  Also, using the flash with a point and shoot camera will make the photos look even worse, turning away potential buyers.  We can help achieve a balanced exposure brightness results for you, composing beautiful architectural photos using software and hardware equipment, so that potential buyers would not be turned away by poor looking photos.  Read the FAQ article here.

Professional Equipment:  We use professional photography equipment to take clear and sharp photos of Real Estate homes and commercial buildings.  Well composed camera angle position is taken into account in our photography in the property  We operate the camera on manual mode settings to ensure the highest quality and control over our photography.  This includes post processing where the photos are manually retouched – not by automation. The photos are retouched by having it’s contrast, exposure, color and lighting corrected.

Brochures:  With our in-house state of the art commercial grade printing system, realtors can expect fast service from printing feature sheets, just in time for their open houses.  The design time of the feature sheet layout is included with the photo shoot service.   We offer 4 page booklet feature sheets or single copy double sided feature sheets – all printed on 80lb glossy magazine paper or 100lb cover thick paper.

What’s included or optionally requested:

  • Travel to customer’s location (additional travel fee may apply outside of Vancouver/Burnaby/Richmond area)
  • Extensive Photo Editing after photo shoot to ensure as much window view as possible and overall balanced photo
  • An exclusive webpage hosted complimentary from our server, to show high resolution photos, Virtual Tours and Video tours

Our services are custom made to every realtor as each realtor wants a different combination of services.

We provide many options for Realtors to showcase the photos and videos by either having our multimedia located on their website, or by having us hosting the multimedia on their behalf – linking the MLS to the property webpage we host.  We host the property’s webpage complimentary and is free of charge and life-time as part of the photography/video packages.

When we host the property webpage for Realtors, we also provide, if requested, a Google Analytics Report to determine how many visitors visit the property webpage, where they come from (i.e.: from or MLS), the bounce rate, how long they stay on the webpage to view the information, etc. This feature is complimentary to all customers and is an excellent way to guage the effectiveness of advertising of the home.

Different types of Virtual Realty / Virtual Tours

We do different types of Virtual Tours for realtors as each of them has varying definitions of Virtual Tours.

  • Virtual Tour of a video consisting of slideshow of photos with effect movements
  • Virtual Tour as a video tour consisting of different camera angle movements
  • Virtual Tour as of spherical 360 interactive panorama movement with or without hotspots
  • Virtual Tour as of auto rotating 360 video without or with user interaction
  • Virtual Tour as a walk through 360 interactive spherical panorama movement similar to Google Street View Virtual Tour

When inquiring about our services, realtors will need to specify exactly what kind of Virtual Tour they require.

Some realtors designate the concept of Virtual Tour as Video Tours.  Please visit this page for more details on Virtual Tours using Video Tours.

360 Virtual Tour is also called Virtual Viewing for real estate that can be done instead of holding in-person open houses.

Photo Editing Tripod Off Mirrors

Photographing a bathroom or a room with mirrors present challenges where the tripod and camera gear can be shown in the mirror.  We use photo editing techniques and take various angles of photos in such a way to completely remove the tripod off of the mirror.

Window and Balanced Brightness View 

Our still photos allows users to see through the window from inside the property, with less of the over-exposed or the washed out window effects.  This is part of our mandatory photo editing technique.

Some realtors or other individuals may chose to automate the photo editing process.  However, in most circumstances, the outcome of the automated process is very unnatural.  In our case, all of the photos we take involves 100% manual handcrafted photo editing, to ensure the outcome of the photos look as natural as possible.




High Definition Video Tour with Dolly and Vertical Crane Movement

We feature camera dolly type movements, giving viewers a dynamic and exciting viewing experience on a smooth gliding movement. Visit the Video Tour page for some examples.

The video tour is recorded in 4K or 1080P High Definition Footage format, as well as in  720P web-ready format to be used on the Realtor’s website (or YouTube format for social media).

Our video tours also consists of conventional camera vertical and horizontal panning movements on a stationary point, in addition to dolly type gliding movements.

Our videos are not slideshow type style – they are real movement videos.  If a realtor wanted a slideshow type video, we are able to do that too.


Cloudy Weather?

We continue to operate our photo shoot of houses in cloudy weather. We cannot predict the weather forecast which is always subjected to change. Our difference between ourselves and our competitors, is that we can post process the photos so that we can turn a grey cloudy sky into a nice blue sunny sky.



Residential Still Photos Examples

Our finished results includes color, lighting, contrast, & exposure adjustments.  We ensure our finished photos are bright, clear, excellent contrast and details shown.  Take note, that we use a wide angle lens for all interior and exterior photography of properties.

Please note that the examples below are for general reference only.  We maybe able to create a customized solution based on your needs.  Contact us to see if we are able to meet your specific needs.  All of our work outcome will be similarto our examples.




Night Time Photography for Real Estate

We serve the Greater Vancouver area all year round because we are able to take photos in night time conditions.  Our equipments we have allows us to photograph interior and exterior settings at sunset and after dark.  Please browse through our night time real estate photo gallery below to have a sense of how photos are like during night time photography.


Please view other examples of night time low light photography as well.

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Realtor Photo Shoots

Using photo editing technicuqes and with professional poses and outfit clothing, we can change to a variety of different backgrounds to suit the professional state. Please visit our Corporate Photo Shoot Page for further details.

 Realtor Photo Shoot  Realtor Photo Shoot  Realtor Photo Shoot
 Realtor Photo Shoot  Realtor Photo Shoot  Realtor Photo Shoot
Realtor Photo Shoot Realtor Photo Shoot  



Renovation Photos (commercial and residential)

We help renovation companies take “before and after” photos to showcase the before renovated work and after renovated work, so people can see the difference in renovation.  We take photos of finished renovated environments, including residential and commercial buildings

Home builders, interior designers and construction firms also like to showcase the renovated outcome of the bathrooms, kitchens, etc.  In addition to photographing the general wide angle view of the interior, we may also take some specific detail shots to highlight specific points of beauty.  

We also take photos relating to the progress of construction work.

Please note that the examples below are for general reference only.  We maybe able to create a customized solution based on your needs.  Contact us to see if we are able to meet your specific needs.  All of our work outcome will be similar to our examples.


Commercial Real Estate Photography

Just as we do for residential shots, we take wide angle shots of commercial real estate as well – that may include the exterior building, interior receptionist area, lunch area, and areas showing cubicles, workstations, kitchen area, etc.  Sometimes companies would like to showcase to their own prospective customers how welcoming and inviting their space is for meetings, and our goal is to showcase the view well by the same photo editing technique as residentials.  

We also provide photography services to help interior designers to showcase their architectural work.

We also take photos relating to the progress of construction work.

Please note that the examples below are for general reference only.  We maybe able to create a customized solution based on your needs.  Contact us to see if we are able to meet your specific needs.  All of our work outcome will be similar to our examples.

Please click on the thumbnails for more details.

360 Tours

360 Virtual Tour of Real Estate

The tours are also known as Virtual Realty, giving buyers a virtual walkthrough of the property in 360 degrees interactive environment.  360 Virtual Tours can now be exported to be viewed in Youtube mode as 360 Interactive Videos.  For the player below, you may use your mouse or finger to drag the image around while the video is playing, just like conventional 360 Still Photos Virtual Tours.  The 360 YouTube videos are also compatible with Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets, giving home buyers a more immersive 360 Virtual Reality experience of the property’s tour.


Click on the thumbnails below to view examples of 360 Tours of Real Estate properties.  Use your mouse to move the environment around.

High Resolution, full screen HTML5 360 Virtual Tours:

High Resolution, Full Width HTML5 UBC Classroom

High Resolution, Full Width HTML5 UBC Classroom

High Resolution, Full Width HTML5 Apartment Suite

High Resolution, Full Width HTML5 Apartment Suite

Panoramic Virtual Tours: 

We offer interactive panoramic virtual tours for real estate where users can scroll the image left and right, but not in a 360 degree and does not include up and down motion.  It is also possible to auto playback the horizontal moving motion like a video, once the tour is loaded.  Having the panorama tour auto playback simulates a virtual realty and also simulates a video playback, while still allowing user to override and interactively pan the image left and right.

Sometimes this maybe sufficient enough as an alternative to 360 degree motion, if users just wanted to see a general wide angle panoramic view of the skyline, scenery, interior space – just to get a quick idea of how a wide view looks like.

This would be ideal for apartment views where buyers can see the entire skyline from the balcony.

See this page for examples. 

Complete Walk-through 360 Virtual Tour

Our 360 Virtual Tour comes in 2 different forms.  One form is standard Virtual Tour, having a few rotations representing main locations of the house such as only master bedroom, living room, kitchen, and dining room.  The other form is a walk-through enhanced 360 Virtual Tour, whereby many rotations are photographed at many points along the pathways of the property, and viewers can click on directional arrows to follow along the path to view the property.  The walk-through tour is similar to Google’s Street View.

360 Walk Through Virtual Tour – Click on dots to advance to the next scene

You can review more examples through the dedicated 360 Walk-Through Virtual Tour page.

360 Hotspot Virtual Tour

An enhancement to our 360 Virtual Tour is having a narrated voiceover while the user interacts with the 360 Virtual Tour environment in the Real Estate Property. This is also known as a virtual tour guide, where the user looks around the environment clicking points of interests or hotspots, which in turns shows a popup informational dialog describing that particular part. The tour pages can also have repeated looping instrument music to give the tours a more enjoyable experience.

For example, when a user clicks on a hotspot on the gas countertop stove, it shows a pop up description of what the stove’s details is, as well as the manufacturer of the stove, all with optional voice narrated, reading out that pop up description.

This feature also works very well for general basis 360 Virtual Tour environments with hotspots descriptions.

Video Tour

Real Estate High Definition Video Tours

Our Real Estate Video Tours are recorded in 1080P High Definition Format, and they can be downscaled to 720P for Youtube web ready use. These video footage are taken with vertical crane movements, dolly shots, gliding shots, and stationary point vertical and horizontal panning techniques. We provide Real Estate Video Tour service in the Vancouver BC Area and the Greater Metro Vancouver region or further. Our video tours are recorded with movement, and are not slideshow type videos.

Some realtors may use the term virtual tours as video tours, like walking through the house with a camera on a 1st person point of view.

Attention to details are now given to appliances and specific architectural house features (ie: drop ceiling).  New for 2014, some of our Videos will feature vertical and diagonal camera movements.  This adds a unique dynamic viewing experience to users.

Video Tours can also have subtitles and narrated voiceover describing the property.

Find more Real Estate videos we make at our YouTube Channel.

Visit more Real Estate video examples at the Real Estate HD Video Tour page.

New gimbal stabilizer video techniques can be used for Real Estate video tours.

Brochures - Floor Plans

Real Estate Brochures / Feature Sheets and Floor Plans

We do graphic design to make physical Real Estate Brochure Feature Sheets for realtors to showcase the properties they are selling in paper form. The feature sheets contains the MLS Number, Description of the properties, Sample photos of the house, and a link to our hosted multimedia webpage.  We can also incorporate a 2D QR Barcode onto the brochure so that customers with a smartphone can scan the code and directly link them to the multimedia website.

A paper form feature sheets is an excellent way to give potential buyers “a take-home” item from the property.  Every brochure can be custom made tailored to each realtor, such as having their own branding and own portraits on the cover.

We are equipped with our own commercial grade printing equipment to print thin and thick 4 page booklet brochures, and can design and print on-demand and fast, without the delay from the conventional print shops.  

Our services are one-stop and beneficial by helping realtors take photos, and then taking these photos to assemble the brochures and then print them, score, cut the bleeds and fold them and ready to give to realtor at no delays.

We can also design floor plans that are intended to be illustrative and to have a rough visual layout of the property.  However, these floor plans are not subjected to measurements and scaling.


Drones and Aerial Footage

Using an unmanned remote aircraft, our drone is equipped with a camera to take aerial footage from the sky.  The footage can be in the form of aerial photos or videos.  The video can also be used in the remaining video editing of the real estate videos.

You may view further details on our drone page.



Normally it is difficult or impossible to take one shot of the interior to be able to view both inside and outside of the property. Our indoor architectural photography features full clear view of the window from the inside to outside, without the overexposure effect from the window. This provides realism and details of the photos, and allows clients to see how the inside looks like, as well as how the outside of the window view look like.

[image-comparator title=”Before and After Photo Editing in Real Estate Photography” left=”” right=”” width=”75%” classes=”hover”][/image-comparator]

[image-comparator title=”Before and after photo – see the difference” left=”” right=”” width=”75%” classes=”hover”][/image-comparator]

Put your mouse over the image above to see how our Real Estate Photos differs from ordinary one shot photo taking.

Before and After post processing for real estate photography

Before and After post processing for real estate photography


The powerlines are removed to concentrate well on the building.


Before photo editing of an unlit fireplace, and after photo editing fire in the fireplace

Before photo editing of an unlit fireplace, and after photo editing fire in the fireplace




Color correction is also applied during post processing, so that the interiors do not look yellowish in color.  This procedure is part of the price package when realtors do business with us.

Real Estate Color Correction

Real Estate Color Correction


All of our photo editing is 100% hand crafted and are not automated, to ensure natural look.


No need to worry about cloudy weather ruining the photo shoot.  We can change the gloomy grey skies into nice blue skies using photo rendering techniques.


Blue Skies Replacement Feature

Blue Skies Replacement Feature

In addition, we can post process to remove camera equipment being reflected off bathroom and kitchen mirrors, making the photo more pleasant and realistic to view.


Camera equipment being removed off reflection from mirror

Camera equipment being removed off reflection from mirror

QR and NFC Mobile Marketing

Combining interactive photography and video tours with web design and programming, we can assist realtors in their marketing efforts in selling the properties by leveraging the use of smartphone mobile technology and QR and NFC technologies.

How it works is a sign with a QR Code and NFC Tag is placed at a particular point of interest such as a fireplace or an appliance. Buyers scan the QR Code or prox the NFC tag and the smartphone will bring up a webpage showing detail information about the appliance or more information on that particular point of interest.

This webpage can also include interactive photography and videos such as still photos, voice narrated guide reading out-loud the words, displaying video or instructional video of that appliance/area, 360 Virtual Tour of that area, etc.

Please also review more information on QR and NFC Guided Tour for Interactive Photography.

QR NFC information

QR NFC information

Yacht and Boat Photography

marinaUsing the same techniques for Real Estate Photography, we are able to help yacht and boat rental companies and owners do still interior and exterior photography as well as interactive 360 tours and video tours.