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3D Product Photography and Photogrammetry

We provide services in capturing an object in 3D using photogrammetry techniques, and displaying the resulting 3D product on a webpage.  

The resulting interactive experience is similar to 360 Product Photography, but the method used to capture in 360 rotation and photogrammetry is different.  

360 Product Rotation utilizes a turntable and having the product photographed at same intervals.  Then each still is manually photo edited into pure white background and assembled as an interactive animation that can be rotated left and right only, but not up and down motion.

3D product photography uses photogrammetry techniques to capture different angles of the object and the resulting output would be in a OBJ, MTL and a texture file, which is then programmed into a coded webpage to display the object in 3D in all different directions fluidly.  

  • 3D Photogrammetry may not work on objects that are shiny and transparent
  • Although the resulting 3D model looks realistic, they are not 100% accurate, but are very close to the actual product texture and modelling.   It should be sufficient for e-commerce and website usage.