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360 Video Interactive Virtual Tour Virtual Reality

Located in Vancouver, BC Canada, we provide services in 360 Video interactive Virtual Tours for the tourism and real estate markets.  The 360 Video Tour is ideal to showcase the moving environment in an interactive manner.  It is ideal for business marketing, promotion, tourism industry virtual reality tours such as museum and landmark tours.  These 360 Videos are like having 360 interactive Virtual Tour within a playable video itself.

These tours are published on Youtube and allows maximum compatibility between users and devices.

There are 2 different ways the 360 Videos are made:

  1. A standard still 360 panorama images is assembled into a video, so that users can interact with the environment within a Youtube video, but there is no “people” walking about or motion within the video.  An applicable use of this is Real Estate 360 Virtual Tour within a video.
  2. A motion 360 Video is captured, where within the video there are motion or people walking and the user can drag the image or environment around while the video is playing.

Narration, voiceover and captions can be incorporated into 360 Videos, giving a more immersive virtual realty experience – similar to just like having a tour guide introducing, talking and guiding people around a museum.

In one example, a custom built quick release tripod type pole is mounted on a bicycle to allow recording of the 360 environment using a 4K 360 camera unit.

Applicable Uses

Applicable uses of the 360 Video Virtual Tour includes:

  • Use in real estate industry to showcase listing properties to home buyers
  • Use in tourism industry, as a voiceover tour guide, to show tourists and visitors outside of Canada how Vancouver looks like with people and cars moving about
  • Use in business and marketing promotions
  • Use in educational purposes to educate the public or students about a subject in a more immersive format
  • Use in filming the convention, fair, event, concert or busy environments in short video segments combined
  • Use in filming a speaker speaking at a lecture in front of a crowd for a short period of time
  • Virtual Reality can be used to train professionals and students in different environments such as how the operating room procedure looks and feels like, or can even be used as a mental health resource therapy to feel how the public environment looks like for patients before putting them in the real world.


Google Cardboard VR Compatibility

Our 360 Virtual Tours and 360 Video Virtual Tours are compatible with YouTube that allows the use of Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset viewing.  By using the Cardboard VR headset, realtors and users can view the environment in a more immersive way, feeling right in the middle of the action or property or the environment virtually, without actually being there physically. Users who don’t have the Google Cardboard headset can also view the 360 Tour by physically moving around the mobile device, as the video will spin responsively with the mobile device’s user’s movement.

More information on Google Cardboard can be found on their website.  Google Cardboard is a trademark of Google Inc.


Coming soon:  We will soon provide Google Cardboard VR Headset to the public, and also provide the Cardboard VR Headset complimentary to Real Estate agents with the usage of our 360 services.


For Mobile Devices – Please access YouTube directly from the mobile app to view the 360 Interactive.


Example of a 4K 360 camera unit mounted on the bicycle to capture realistic environment.


360 camera mounted on a bicycle handlebar


360 still panorama of Real Estate within a Youtube Video playback



For Mobile Devices – Please access YouTube directly from the mobile app to view the 360 Interactive.


For Mobile Devices – Please access YouTube directly from the mobile app to view the 360 Interactive.