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Real Estate Video Tours

We decide which type of camera movements will be the most appropriate depending on the property itself.

Our Real Estate Video Tours are recorded in 1080P High Definition Format, and they can be downscaled to 720P for Youtube web ready use. The video footage is taken with crane vertical shots, dolly shots, gliding shots, and stationary point vertical and horizontal panning techniques. We provide Real Estate Video Tour service in the Vancouver BC Area and the Greater Metro Vancouver region or further for an additional fuel surcharge. Our video tours are recorded with movement, and are not slideshow type videos.  These videos complements our Real Estate Photography.

Note:  Some realtors may call these video tours as virtual tours.  Therefore, this is one type of Virtual Tour but is displayed as a walkthrough moving camera as a video tour.  

Our HD Real Estate Video Tours also falls under our Video Production category, where we produce informational and short film corporate videos.

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Videos with Subtitles and Closed Captions and Google Earth View

This real estate video example incorporates the usage of Google Earth aerial view, in place of the Drone where the use of a drone is inappropriate.  Voiceover and subtitles or closed captioning are edited and timed, and automatically shows up on playing the media, syncing with the voiceover.

Voiceovers can be played over descriptive subtitles, and the close captioning of the voiceover can be programmed to be automatically displayed during playback of the video.

In addition, please also review information on our main Video Production page for short film corporate videos.

Graphic Overlays and Title Animations

Graphics and titlebars can be animated to make the videos more appealing.  In addition, some graphic overlays can be applied to the videos to illustrate specific points and move in accordance to the camera movement.

Find more Real Estate videos we produce at our YouTube Channel.