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360 Virtual Tour – Google Street View

We provide virtual tour services to publish 360 tours directly onto Google Maps as Google Street View. Our equipment and post processing software enables us to make a virtual tour that can directly integrate into Google Maps.

Benefits of Google Street View:

  • Powerful Marketing Tool:  Showcasing your retail or facility storefront onto Google Maps in 360 gives your customers a view of how the facility and store looks like, without being there, at the comfort of their own home.  
  • Powerful Advertising:  Many customers search for businesses online using Google search and Google maps.  By incorporating the 360 directly into Google Maps, customers can see inside the store without leaving the Google platform.  They can view how the store environment look like and plan ahead in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Comparison to Matterport:  Matterport can only be hosted on their servers, and will require their monthly subscriptions and may require your own website to display this tour.  It is not directly integrated onto Google Maps.
  • Free of charge on Google:  Google does not charge anything to the end client and to the businesses to have the virtual tour hosted inside Google Maps.  (We still charge businesses for performing the 360 Virtual tour services and travel etc)
  • Supplements the conventional Virtual Tour services:  The resulting 360 virtual tour can also be used in offline viewing and for their own website hosting, without using any other monthly subscriptions.