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360 Walk-Through Virtual Tour for Residential / Commercial

About 360 Walk-Through Virtual Tour:

Located in Vancouver, BC, we provide the Real Estate and all other industries two different types of 360 Virtual Tours.  Having a walk-through Virtual Tour gives prospective buyers a sense of how the inside of the property looks like, as if they were being there, without leaving the comfort of their own home.  Prospective buyers can evaluate and make advanced decisions and questions before calling the real estate agent to see the property in person.

Also known as Virtual Viewing or Virtual Realty, it gives out of town buyers or any local buyers a chance to view the house in immersive 360 experience as if they are really there, without leaving the comfort of their own home. Virtual viewing for real estate can be used in-lieu of holding in-person open houses.

360 Walk Through Virtual Tours are also ideal to showcase commercial complexes such as stores, business environments, educational institutions and tourism sectors.

Our 360 Virtual Tour comes in 2 different forms:

  • One form is standard or Basic Virtual Tour, having a few rotations representing main locations of the house such as only the master bedroom, living room, kitchen, and dining room.
  • The other form is the Walk-through Virtual Tour, whereby many rotations are photographed at many points along the pathways of the property, and viewers can click on directional arrows to follow along the path to view the property.  The walk-through tour is similar to Google’s Street View.  This will simulate being at the property walking through and looking around at different vantage points.  Please note that this 360 walk-through tour can also be used in retail, commercial, educational complexes and tourism applications.
  • It is possible to output the same 360 Walk Through tour onto Google Maps using Google Street View technique. Placing the Virtual Tour onto Google Maps leads to more marketing exposure and more visitors will be able to see your facility.

Matterport Alternative:  Our tours have a similar functioning concept to Matterport, despite using different technologies.  Our tours are similar to what you see on Google Street View.  Matterport service requires monthly subscription while our files can be hosted on our server or your server at no extra charge.  The difference as well, is that when using Matterport, the data is owned by them, while with our services, the customer owns the data.   Matterport also may not have the ability to customize the infobox hotspots like we do.

Some people designate the concept of Virtual Tour as Video Tours.  Please visit this page for more details on Virtual Tours using Video Tours.

Matterport vs Our Virtual Tour

Our 360 Virtual TourMatterport Virtual Tour
No monthly subscriptionRequires high monthly subscription
Uses our own web server and software – flexibleUses their proprietary services and hosted on their server
Overall lower costOverall higher cost
Can be published on own web server or Google Business and Google MapsMust use Matterport’s server; cannot be used on Google Maps and Google Business
Same end result to consumers – view 360 degreesSame end result to consumers – view 360 degrees
Comparison between our Virtual Tour and Matterport Virtual Tour


Use your mouse or finger to scroll each 360 examples all around.

Use mouse or finger to drag image 360 around and to walk through the property. Click or touch the white dots to advance along the path.

Please view more 360 Virtual Tour examples for other industries, such as Tourism, Museums, Restaurants, etc.

360 Virtual Tours can now be exported to be viewed in Youtube mode as 360 Interactive Videos.  For the player below, you may use your mouse or finger to drag the image around while the video is playing, just like conventional 360 Still Photos Virtual Tours.