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Graphic Design

About Graphic Design:  Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, we provide graphic design service in creating and retracing logos, illustrations, corporate identity designs, manual, textbook and magazine design, restaurant menus, informational sheets, pictograms or pictographs, infographic design signages, business cards, feature sheets, flyers and brochure design, calendar designs.

Combining with our photography services, we offer a one-stop shopping service for graphic design services.

Applicable uses of Graphic Design:

  • Taking headshot portrait of realtor or businessman and incorporate it into the business card design
  • Real Estate architecture photos are incorporated into real estate flyers and brochures to be given out to potential home buyers
  • Take photos of food dishes in restaurants and incorporate them into restaurant menu design
  • Creation of logos using vector scale format to identify a business as corporate identity
  • Taking stock photos for clients and incorporating them into the magazine, manual or textbooks

Layout Design:  In addition we help assemble and layout contents for magazine, manuals and textbook production.  Customers will provide the text and images, and we will lay them out nicely in an organized way for magazine, manuals and textbooks.  Should the customer require us to generate an ad or modify the graphics, we can do that as well, for extra charge.  

Designing flyers and brochures may involve some photo editing work.  We have the capabilities to also print the flyers and brochures after design, and the output can be in different mediums such as bi-folded tabloid brochures, tri-folded letter size brochures, etc.

Retracing Artwork

Vector Scale Artwork Retracing

A rough sketch or hand-drawn work or map can be taken and retraced to high quality vector scale artwork. It is suitable for scalable print and web formats without loss of quality.  Uses of this include high quality brochure work.

We retrace a rough illustration into a better looking, easier and friendlier to read illustration artwork.  In other words, we can recreate and retrace an illustration into better quality printout or for web.



Logo and Graphic Design

We meet or discuss with our clients for rough sketches or ideas of how to put together the logo, then the process begins in re-creating elements of the rough draft, modifying and putting together all the combined elements of the logo, through retracing.  This includes generating pictograms for clients for use in instructional manuals.

Other graphic related work involves importing an existing birds eye view terrain, then overlaying vector lines depicting major road street names and signages to indicate points of interests and locations.



Infographic Signages

Infographic Design

We design information signages and instructional signages for use in public places by using pictograms and graphic outlines, to simplify the signage and to reduce clutter on the sign.  The simple design of using outlines to represent an object also conveys meaning across different audiences to better understand the message.

Brochures and Cards

The types of flyers and brochures we help design are for advertising, restaurant menus, restaurant advertising posters, instructional manuals and flyers, etc.  Pictogram designs can be made and retraced to be incorporated into instructional flyers.  In addition we do Real Estate Brochures too. 

We are able to help with business card design, and also print the cards.  Business cards are printed on thick paper on standard 2 in X 3.5 in and we can do the cutting as well.

We are equipped with a professional printer to print brochures and business cards.






Magazine Layout Example

magazine-2 magazine-3 magazine-4


Other Examples

Other Examples