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Covid-19 Safety Plan

Covid-19 Safety Plan

We take the well being of everyone’s health seriously, and use strict sanitation and hygiene protocols to greatly reduce the risk of illness from any viruses and bacteria, even before this pandemic happened.

Measures in place (Elimination):

  • On real estate photos, we ask realtors and home owners to keep physical distancing from each other.
  • On product photos or meeting customers in person, we maintain physical distancing from each other during conversations.
  • We use video conferencing and Zoom meeting to share computer desktop screens to work with customers on photo editing, graphic design, instructions and guidance etc. It is similar to working together side by side in a coffee shop, but is actually taken place virtually instead of meeting together physically in a coffee shop.

Measures in place (Engineering): Not applicable in this industry

Measures in place (Rules and Guidelines):

  • Before doing work, we wear a mask, and ask our customer or the realtor and owner to wear a mask.
  • We maintain physical distancing between all parties.
  • Before returning to the car and driving, hands are sanitized and cleaned before driving away from worksite.
  • On arrival back to office, camera equipment are sanitized throughly.

Measures in place (Masks):

  • Masks are to be worn at all times in all circumstances where meeting customers in person is needed, including doing real estate photo work or product photography work.
  • We ask our customers or realtors and home owners to be considerate and wear a mask as well, and this applies to doing product photography at on-location.

Measures in place (Cleaning and Hygiene):

  • Car and bicycle is equipped with 70% alcohol hand sanitzers to clean hands after meeting customers, and after completing work.
  • Camera equipment are sanitized immediately upon return to office.
  • Hands are cleaned with soap and water immediately upon return to office.
  • Car touch points (steering wheel, door handles, etc) and office touch points (door handles and buttons) are to be sanitized frequently.
  • On product photos, products may be quarantined and sanitized before starting.