Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Videography – Interviews (Corporate videos)

We do videography or video production in interviews, and we are fully equipped with continuous umbrella LED lighting to ensure the subjects are well lit, lav mic for full clarity, a portable teleprompter if needed, and multiple camera setup. A current environment setting can be used as-is, or a white backdrop can be set up, or a green screen for further editing into a virtual set and virtual background. Interview videos can also be called corporate videos. An example of this is that some companies may want to have their president’s or CEO’s say a year end thank you message to their employees, etc. Other uses of interviews is to have a 2 person interview, with an interviewer asking questions to the interviewee, or using videos as short lectures. Videos can also have someone speaking towards the camera about reviews of a subject.

This is part of the video production we do. We serve across Metro Vancouver’s lower mainland and we can travel to the location to do video.

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