Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

We live in a zone that is prone to Earthquake disaster.  It always pays to be prepared in case disaster strikes.  The BC West Coast is prone and is overdue to have a very large and severe earthquake.  Government officials and everyone will emphasize the need for citizens to prepare by building an emergency kit and resources, as infrastructures such as water, sewage line, gas, and power will become unavailable after a major earthquake.  Other help from officials maybe delayed as well.

The graphic design illustration above shows an example of what citizens should have ready if the big one hits.  The self created kit I created above includes:

  • Portable urinal bag for pee only
  • Portable scoop – Sanitizer and hand wipes as temporary handwashing station 
  • Toilet paper and paper towl – Powerbank charger for charging electronic devices
  • Waterproof matches – Tin can for lighting candles inside or mini fire for warmth
  • Flashlight with emergency car window breaker and beacon and portable LED Lantern
  • Temporary ponchu, reflectors – Candles 
  • Working gloves,
  • Non-perishable foods and bottled water
  • Slingshot cable and car battery jump start cables
  • Portable toilet buckets
  • Poo powder gel for absorbing human waste

Portable LED Lantern for Power Outages

While people focus on the preparedness tools and food and water, many people do overlook the sanitary or hygiene aspects resulting from an earthquake.  Earthquakes causes sewage lines to break, rendering the toilets unusable.  There may not be any water available to flush, and as well no power to use.  People should not dig a cat hole anywhere as a toilet, as this will create unsanitory conditions and spread diseases to the public.

A bucket toilet lid seat, and a double garbage bag filled with special human waste absorbing gel put on top of a 5 Gallon or 19L bucket can be made into a portable emergency toilet.  In an extreme disaster emergency, people can simply use this as a toilet, then bag it up and dispose of.  The gel or powder will solidify the human waste so there will not be a mess.  This will minimize the spread of any diseases.  

Cleanwaste Poo Powder solidifies human wastes

Portable Toilet Bucket for Emergency Use only

This toilet seat can fit onto any 5 Gallon or 19L buckets

A portable hand wipe can be used, followed by alcohol sanitizer after using the toilet, as running water may not be available.

Hand wipes and santizer

It does not cost a lot to build a homemade toilet bucket and can be assembled using parts from Home Depot and Outdoor Stores or Amazon.ca