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QR NFC Mobile Marketing and Guided Tour

About Mobile Marketing and interactive photography guided tour

QR NFC information

QR NFC information

Combining interactive photography and video tours with web design and programming, we can assist realtors, tourism industries, museums, and businesses in their marketing efforts by leveraging the use of smartphone mobile technology and QR and NFC technologies.

How it works is a sign with a QR Code and NFC Tag is placed at a particular point of interest such as a fireplace or an appliance – or even an object in question. Buyers scan the QR Code or prox the NFC tag and the smartphone will bring up a webpage showing detail information about the appliance or more information on that particular point of interest or object.

This webpage can also include interactive photography and videos such as still photos, voice narrated guide reading out-loud the words, displaying video or instructional video of that appliance/area, 360 Virtual Tour of that area, etc. If the webpage brings up information about the object itself, a 360 product rotation with hotspots can show up on the mobile phone as well to give users a more enhanced viewing experience.

This marketing tool is ideal for:

  • Real Estate Properties – To show more information about applicance manufacturers and informatoin
  • Tourist Destinations – Every point of locations can have a QR and NFC sign to show historical signifcant information about the location in question.
  • Museums – Viewers scan or prox the sign to bring up detailed information on the artist of the painting, etc.

Having a QR Code and NFC Tag next to a point of interest also acts as automated self tour guide. Visitors wanting to learn more about a point of interest such as an artwork, can scan or prox the code and the smartphone automatically launches the appropriate webpage with voice narration, reading out the words on the webpage, along with other interactive features such as photo, 360 product rotation, video, virtual tour, etc.

What is NFC Technology?

NFC stands for near field communications, allowing small data transfer of data between the reader and the sticker or between devices in close proximity. NFC is evolving to become incorporated into the newest and latest smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy 3, Nexus 4, etc. The possibilities of having NFC wireless communications is endless, including the uses of guide tours as above, opening access doors, marketing, purposes such as posters, business cards, etc.