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Crow Warning Sign

It is the time of the year when mating season occurs where crowds mate and give offsprings.  Crows tend to protect their young and sometimes may try to attack people walking beneath their nests on the trees.  Therefore, we present this little artwork sign, part of the graphic design we do using pictogram illustrations to…
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Alexandra Retreat & Events Centre – 360 Virtual Tour

We helped Alexandra Retreat & Events Centre to create 360 Virtual Tour of their facilities, to allow prospective campers to have a preview of what to expect from renting the facilities there.

Local Music Band – The Comfort Zone – Richmond BC

Located in Richmond BC, the local music band plays legendary music from the 90’s, featuring rock n roll music. Below are some of the music videos produced of their sample performances.

A visit to Catfe (Cat cafe) – Vancouver BC Canada

The Cat Cafe, located in the Tinseltown Building in Vancouver BC Canada, allows patrons to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and socialize in the presence of the live resident cats.  The cats that reside in the cafe are also available to be adapted.  The cafe partners with the BC SPCA to allow new…
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UBC Syrian Fundraising Gala Dinner

The University of British Columbia hosted a gala dinner event to support the the Syrian Refugee cause.  The event has delicious 3 course meal, live jazz band playing and keynote speakers.

UBC Biodiversity Museum

A large whale skeleton is housed inside the University Biodiversity Museum at The University of British Columbia.  It is located across from the Earth and Ocean Sciences Building on Main Mall.

2015 Christmas Lights at Vandusen Gardens and QE Blodal Conservatory

It was freezing on the day of the visit to the Vandusen Gardens to see the Christmas lights display.  A lot of wonderful lights were lit up around the garden to create a cheerful and lively visual atmosphere.  Parking was very difficult to find and too many people.   For the Blodal Conservatory, the interior…
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Music Video for Rock n Roll Music Band

The following are sample draft videos for a Rock N Roll Music Band filmed recently.  Multiple camera angles are synchronized with the high quality audio output direct from the mixer.  For more information on filming music videos for local bands and musicians, visit out Music Video and Audio Recording Page.  

Remembrance Day 2015 – Downtown Vancouver Skyline

I took a photo from the south side of False Creek on the residential hills overlooking the downtown Vancouver apartment skylines on Remembrance Day.

The pumpkins of Oakridge Mall on Halloween 2015

Dedicated artists carved out faces on various pumpkins and were on display in the mall on Halloween 2015.