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Eagles at Boundary Bay 2017

A lot of eagles are attracted to the compost area on 72nd Ave in Ladner, BC as there are an abundant of food sources there.  Warm weather also made salmon harder to find in Salmon Streams.

Gimbal Stabilizer for Video Production

New for 2017, a gimbal stabilizer is used to create a variety of camera movements.  This technique is applicable to any video situations, including real estate video tours.  The variety types of camera movements include panning, diagonal pannings, pannings in arc movement, pannings while tilting the camera angle, etc or a mixture of any.  Using…
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Recycle foam food packaging

Did you know that you can reduce landfill waste and make more space in the garbage bins, simply by recycling foam food packaging waste rather than throwing them out? Other take out plastic containers can be recycled at the curbside household blue bin.  However, the City of Vancouver cannot accept foam or styrofoam take out…
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Home Economics – How to Pre-Clean Dishware

After a meal, we should all clean the kitchen promptly.  But did you know that there is supposed to be a proper way of organizing and cleaning the kitchen? Home economics is about learning how to properly do housework – that includes the proper procedures and ways of cleaning the house, and sanitizing the kitchen.…
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Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

We live in a zone that is prone to Earthquake disaster.  It always pays to be prepared in case disaster strikes.  The BC West Coast is prone and is overdue to have a very large and severe earthquake.  Government officials and everyone will emphasize the need for citizens to prepare by building an emergency kit…
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Vancouver Skytrain Evergreen Line Expansion

On December 2, 2016, Translink opened the Evergreen Line Extension of the Rapid Transit Skytrain network to the public.  It has now become the world’s longest automated, driverless rapid transit rail system in the world.  The Evergreen Line links the Tri Cities area Coquitlam, Port Moody and North Burnaby to the rest of the Vancouver…
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Bird for November 13 2016

Here is another bird photographed for November 13, 2016.  A long telephoto lens was used to photograph birds.

Narrative 360 Virtual Realty or 360 Virtual Tour for VCH

We are pleased to assist Vancouver Coastal Health in developing a 360 Virtual Reality tour for the Vancouver General Hospital new operating room Hybrid OR.  The new Hybrid OR allows surgeons access to all the surgical equipment and imaging systems in one place to complete surgeries more efficient and quickly.  The specific example below highlights the…
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November 2016 Bird

Today is pretty warm at 17c and is unusually warm for this time of year in November in Vancouver.  So I went out and used the telephoto lens to snap a photo of this bird.  

Walking the Mini Australian Sheppard Dog

On the day of volunteering at the Elderly Place, I had the opportunity for the first time in my life to walk a dog.  The dog is a mini australian sheppard breed, and is a very kind and human friendly dog.  It was an enjoyable time taking the dog out for a short walk.  While…
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