4K 360 Video Virtual Tour of Arbutus Greenway in Kerrisdale

An opportunity is given to demonstrate the 4K 360 camera mounted on a custom made quick release monopod, attached to the bicycle’s basket, to record 360 degrees video environment of part of the Arbutus Greenway in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC. 

When wearing the VR headset or using a mouse or manual viewing, this gives viewers a sense of being at the location looking around left, right, up and down, without actually being there.

The video was edited to show part of the Arbutus Greenway in Kerrisdale.

So far the pathway is substantially completed, giving people a new option to enjoy the environment in an urban setting.  The greenway path used to be railroad tracks from CP Rail, which then the City of Vancouver purchased from CP Rail to build the greenway.