Cycling on Ontario St Bikeway and Exercise Video for Indoor Exercise Bike Equipment

Cycling along Ontario St, I pass by many points of interests, including Queen Elizabeth Park, Riley Park community gardens,  Nat Bailey Stadium, and Hill Crest Community Centre.    

The video shows the 5X speed from 41st Ave on Ontario Street to Broadway St and reverse.

With the camera and stabilizers, it is possible to make a real time exercise training video to play back on a tablet or TV screen while using a indoor cycling exercise equipment.  This acts as a virtual ride and increases the motivation to exercise during winter time and when it is rainy outside.  The user can also manually adjust the resistance on the indoor equipment to simulate going up hills as the video plays uphill route.

The video example here demonstrates real time playback of riding video, to simulate virtual ride and to further gain motivation and interest in cycling realism, all in the comfort of the home.

To purchase any of these cycling exercise virtual ride videos, please contact us.  All of our virtual bicycle ride videos can be played back on TV or tablet in front of the indoor bicycle equipment, and this can be well suited in fitness clubs, group spin cycling classes or residential homes.  The virtual ride videos will include video editing to ensure a better smooth transition when the bicycle is stopped at red lights at intersections.  These videos are filmed in urban bikeways in Vancouver BC.