Home Economics – How to Pre-Clean Dishware

After a meal, we should all clean the kitchen promptly.  But did you know that there is supposed to be a proper way of organizing and cleaning the kitchen?

Home economics is about learning how to properly do housework – that includes the proper procedures and ways of cleaning the house, and sanitizing the kitchen.  Below is a small preview of a possible online school teaching people the Home Economics of housework.

Below also demonstrates the use of video editing, and video editing to convert segments of videos into GIF animation for faster ways of conveying meanings and points.  Also screenshots from the video can be used to demonstrate specific points like an online instructional manual and resource as web design work.  Eventually this can be built as part of graphic design for manuals.

Turn on garburator first or put debris into the disposable brown bag first, then rinse
Turn on garburator first or put debris into the disposable brown bag first, then rinse

After rinsing off the debris from the dishware, the dishware in the sink can now be flooded with water to further remove debris stuck on the dishware, ready to be further washed with detergent or simply put in dishwasher.

Cleaning off the debris before placing into the sink will make the sink more organized, looks more clean and not disgusting, and reduces mess and bacteria growth, and promotes food safety.

The table cloth should be washed in warm water, then rung tightly before wiping table
Remove all debris from table first before wiping the table 2 times

You may see the entire process in video here.

Take note that the kitchen’s garburator must be turned on for this procedure.  Otherwise, debris must be scrapped off into a disposable biodegradable paper bag first before rinsing off.