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Nissan Leaf 2018 – Electric Car BEV

Nissan Leaf 2018 – Electric Car BEV

As gas prices continue to go up, people try to find alternative ways of greener transportation.  One of the green transportation is Electric Cars.  

The Nissan Leaf 2018 is an BEV all electric car that has a range of about 250km Reality Range with climate control on.  This car is currently the most affordable at a longer range compared to its competitors (ie: Tesla Model 3 at about 55,000.00 CAD or 35,000.00 USD).  While the initial investment is slightly higher in the beginning, it is known that the low cost of electricity versus high gas prices and not needing to pay much for maintenance per year will offset that higher initial cost.

It allows remote control monitoring of charging status and allows the user to remotely turn on the climate control to precondition the car’s climate so it will not use up too much range during its usage.  

This car is like a high tech gadget with all the latest features, including touch screen GPS map, USB audio, etc.

The car is equipped with ProPilot Assist, which allows the car to auto steer on the highway by holding its lane, and has adaptive cruise control.  However, users are only allowed small moments of hands free driving before a warning logo comes on so the user have to touch the steering wheel often.  (Users must always pay attention to the road and ready to take in control in emergency situations.)

It is a no emissions car, and does not pollute, contributing to good environment – better than driving a luxury SUV where it takes so much gas and have to pay premium gas.


By using Eco Mode and e-Padal, a lot of range can be preserved and extended as much as possible.  Every effort is made to touch the accelerator padal, rather than accelerating hard.  Aggressive and hard driving will cause the battery and range to deplete faster.  Eco mode will help control and reduce that hard driving effect.

e-Padal takes advantage of regenerative braking, so the car brakes and slows/stop the car for you and while doing so, puts back power into the car, thereby extending the range further.

Breakdown display shows how the energy is being used by different components of the car.

The car can be pre-conditioned on climate control if plugged into the charger.  By preconditioning the car before use, it helps extend the range further by using less power from the battery while car is in driving.


Due to current lifestyle where I am always home most of the time, I simply need to charge the car using basic Level 1 120V charger.  I only charge what I used up, not from the empty battery.  For example, if I only go to Coquitlam and back, then I only charge back up what was used on that trip.  

Should there be heavy driving that uses up a lot of range, the plan is to top up the charge at a DC Fast charging station or Level 2 charging station nearby, before coming back home to finish up the trickle charge.

You can find more tips about charging etiquette here.

A DC Fast charger provided by BC Hydro, managed by GreenLots.  This is located at EcoDairy at Abbotsford.

The DC charger charges fast, achieving at least 15% more battery range within 10 mins time.

More DC Chargers will be installed around town and on highway locations, allowing long distance travels without range anxiety.  Also these chargers, along with LV 2 chargers,  act to top up power so the user can finish charging at home.


360 Virtual Tour

Above is a 360 Virtual Tour – Use your mouse or finger to move image all around.


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